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Very Spiritual
I am a PSYCH-K® Facilitator and Emotion code certified. I work with people looking to improve every aspect of their lives. I use special techniques to help people change beliefs they have running in their sub-conscious minds, as well as release distorted energies they may have trapped in their bodies.

Changing a belief, will affect your daily life in a very positive way, its harmless and safe. By releasing trapped emotions your sub-conscious stores, you start becoming the person you were "meant to be".

If you or a loved one has experienced any kind of trauma in your lives, these methods will help dramatically, and help you to move forward. If you are an active military person whom has P.T.S.D I want to work with you. Please contact me for more information, I will send you some videos to watch, and a free e-book to better understand the process. You served us, I want to help give back for yours and your families epic sacrifices.

Pets- If you have a special kitty cat, dog, horse that you care deeply about, and you can see it having a difficult time, I work with many pet owners to help their lives as well. We are their guardians, and they give us so much more back! Our pets are just like us, they experience emotions and negative events that can effect their well being.

This is also for people looking to get that fantastic relationship, advance in a career, and can also help tremendously with sleeping issues. This is 100% safe, all your information is between client and facilitator.
If you would like to learn more about this special work, feel free to contact me.