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Every Day is A Fashion Show, and the World is My runway.

Let's see, one of my favorite things to do is "DressUp" I love wearing nice clothes with a full face of makeup. My vanity & my appearance was always of great importance to me. I like "girly" looks, always classy an ladylike. Im not big on prints or floral. Im pretty much a matchy matchy kinda gal. I was raised in BKLYN, NY and we always dressed up. Im a shop a holic with no more room in my closets. Yes, im addicted, I cannot help it i feel good buying clothes. Im not a
"Brand Name" type. I buy what looks nice on me n not what's trending. Ok, so who's ready to SHOP with me.
My husband is my #1 choice. I prefer Men
Im a happily married mom of 2. I married my H.S sweetheart. We've been together for most of our lives. He is my rock. I adore my husband. He is a wonderful father and my soul mate. I live for my family.
I have a 23 y/o handsome son, a 21 y/o gorgeous daughter n 2 pekingese dogs whom I adore. My children are my pride and joy. I love being a Mom. There is nothing I would NOT do for my children.
I am a 50 YR young base of tongue C- survivor. Until my recent challenges with my voice, jaw n teeth. I was so healthy n always on the go.
I love to decorate, read and socialize. I was the speaker in the family. It shocks me as to how much this C has stolen from me. I put GOD 1st n bcuz of my faith i will never give up. I believe theres a reason for everything. I love helping people and I have a heart made of Gold.