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The stunning state of Colorado.. Garden of the Gods is my backyard!
July 5
I am 43 and STILL horse crazy! I love the outdoors. Camping, fishing, hiking, swimming. ( but not in public pools!! Eww ), hunting, and stargazing. I love anything that challenges the mind. I love to read, but hate conventional stories; they bore me. So, I usually read books of scientific nature. I am fascinated with behavioral sciences, both humans and animals.. though I only have my degrees in animal behavior sciences.
I am an animal behaviorist, specializing in Equine( horse species), and Canine ( Dog species). I am saving for school to broaden this to include Felines( cat species). In between paid study sets, AKA my regular job, I work for local Dude ranches taking guided horseback rides through the forests of the lovely Rocky Mountains!
Forward! Ever forward! ( This comes from the principle that all animals live by. They only experience psychological 'traumas when the brain ceases to move forward. The one and only cure, is to reset the brain by making them face, and move through the issue, I wish people were this wise!)
2003 Kia Spectra, or a horse.

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Light brown.
Lmbo.. umm whatever I want..
I am a new creation in Christ.
Polish/Danish ( AKA dumbass with a weapon!)