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close to home
February 3
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
DH Lawrence Capt Angells
The strongest intimidation is ignorence.

OED definition touch Henry IV Act II Scene 4
The lion will not touch the true prince.

Touch wood is a childrens' game to follow
untimely boasting and sel-gratulation averting

I love getting old being old means that I no
longer have to claim my parent's ideas,plus
noone thinks I have Daddy's money.

Whatever you say you own.

The only faith you have
when you walk out in front of duel turrets
is your own honour.

If you watch what you
eat then you've never
been exhausted enough
to discover what you
should eat...the enchantment to survive
without the spoilage.

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Above average
Not petite
It depends
It depends
Moody eyes and a massage
proverbially practical,
and enjoying the journey
I am independent
The more friends the
merrier, I am.
Discretion describes
what certain risque
practices should not
be mentioned nor peeked
at, because of course this results in my being
piqued and then I have
to hide...peek a boo....