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Planet Claire
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)
There ain't no such thing as guilty pleasures.

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it's a number...
That's classified information.
brown... with some silver coming.
Fashion is 5 minutes away from being 5 minutes ago. I can't be arsed.
Not in my house. It causes explosions and squabbles.
I'm a mutt.
Yes. Very oriented, thank you for asking!
State Of Independence.
Time will tell.
Be nice or leave.


Isabel Allende. Julian Barnes.
Green Fried Tomatoes.
Scrubs. Ghost Whisperer. Charmed.
I love music. I don't like categories.
In alpha order... ABBA, Beck, B-52's, Bruce Springsteen, Emmylou Harris, Fleetwood Mac, Joni, Sheryl Crow, Stevie Wonder, Suzanne Vega, Tori Amos, Traveling Wilburys and of course... THE DIVA! (Donna Summer, that is!)
Not so much these days except running.
Somewhere warm and quiet where I can have the whole place to myself without noisy tourists who want to take pictures of everything that moves. ;-)
I've got a sweet tooth... and the consequences can be dire.