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July 10
Computer Related (Software)
No, thank you, I don't need a welcome message.
Oh, that's easy. According to "Back to Reality", my RPG character is Colonel Sebastian Doyle, section chief of CGI, head of the Ministry of Alteration.
Or was it the other way around?

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above average
way above average
People sometimes look at me and ask me if I am colour blind.
I don't adhere to any religion in particular.
Yes. Of the expensive kind.


Grant Naylor, Asimov, Anderson, Adams, Heinlein, Herbert, Wurts
sci-fi, fantasy, comedy
Willem's Wereld
sci-fi, fantasy, comedy
Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Star Trek DS9, TNG, Star Wars, Farscape
Sir Patrick Stewart, Gigi Edgley
Electronic hard core. You know, the type that was popularized in the seventies with the onset of synthesizers, but is mostly being parodied by modern musicians who think they are as creative as the artists of old, but really are just playing around a bit with their keyboards.
Suzanne Ciani, Robert Schröder, Tangerine Dream, Ashra, Mickie D, Vangelis, Adelbert von Deyen, Johan Timman, Jean-Michel Jarre, Amin Bhatia, Beaver & Krause, Peru, Bo Hansson, Rick van der Linden, Adrian Wagner, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze, Ron Boots, Kitaro, Isao Tomita, Aci, Gandalf, Michael Hoenig, Monkman, Synergy, Michael Garrisson, Neuronium, Yukihiro Takahashi, Gary Wright, Baffo Banfi, to name a few, but also Jon Hassell, Mike Oldfield, Manuel Göttsching, Steve Hackett, Brian Eno, Roedelius, Solution, Steve Hillage, Wally Badarou, Patrick Moraz, Klaus Doldinger etc.
I like variation. I.E. not the same spot as last year.
Hot: Mexican, Indian, Indonesian. I also like beer. Particularly the heavier ones: Palm, Westmalle Tripel, Duvel, Hertog Jan Grand Prestige, La Trappe Quadrupel, all the Trappists really, and of course Bockbier.