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Physically -stuck in the swamps of South Jersey. Emotionally - stuck in the bayous of Southern Louisiana.
January 11
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
The instructions said Windows 98 or better, so I bought a Mac.

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5'4" I've actually lost a half inch somewhere
about 65# lighter than last year
Aqua w/ specks of gold (greenblue or bluegreen depends on the weather)
Auburn -- with some highlights and lots of curls
Dog hair (even though he promised not to shed!) Basic black is my favorite and I like funky stuff
after 12 yrs of Catholic school, what do you think? A recovering Cathoholic
Ojibwa (or you could say Canadian, eh?), Italian, Dutch, German & Cherokee, but my soul is Cajun!
Usually on two feet in the booth. I like that rare politician that is fair and honest, no matter what party.
Yes, I am very sexually orientated!
yes, I do have relationships
3 grown y'uns and a doggy-pie! Dozer the Magnificent! Also, Memere to the Baby Queen of the Universe, the most wonderful lil' Miss Abbie Rose
Do you know what it means, to miss New Orleans, when thats where you left your heart?


Janet Evanovich, James Lee Burke, Robert B. Parker, Julie Smith, Nelson Demille, Anthony Bruno, Diane Mott Davidson, Robert Tannenbaum
Neon Rain, Purple Cane Road, Sleeping Beauty, New Orleans Cookbooks, Stephanie Plum series and the list goes on... Hey, I work in a library, what do you expect?
New Orleans Cooking, Chili Pepper, O
online + Jim Six's Columns, Thibodeaux Daily Comet
Kathy, Unshelved
Belizar the Cajun, Heaven's Prisoners, Big Easy, Good Will Hunting
The Soprano's, ER, West Wing, Big Love, CSI's, Law & Order, The Closer
Cary Grant, Tommy Lee Jones, Harrison Ford, Armand Asanti, Antonio Bandaras, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Adam Sandler!
Zydeco, Blues, Funk, Blues, Rock, Blues, Cajun, Jazz Fest STUFF!
Van Morrison, Terrance Simien, Marcia Ball, Bruce Springsteen, SouthSide, Rads, Papa Grows Funk, Geno Delafose, John Moody, Wayne Toups
Zydeco Dancing, watching Ice Hockey and my most favorite is good, hot, physical, one on one sex
where ever John Le Clair plays! What is that team?? how 'bout those Saints?
New Orleans, OBX, New Orleans, Cape Ann, OBX, New Orleans, Cape May, OBX, New Orleans, LBI, New Orleans and OBX, and did I say New Orleans?
Stuff that Danny, Steve, Monty, John, Jules and I all cook! We like that New Orleans, Italian, Mexican food! And the restaurants that Nick takes me to :)