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Cincinnati, Ohio
June 21
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)
Medical/Health Services
"If you continue to do the things you have always done, you will continue to get the results you have always gotten" or something like that. TIME FOR CHANGE!

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Comfort above and beyond all else. Extra kudos if it matches and looks good too. lol
Heinz 57
I'll decide just as soon as I'm ready to dictate to you who you SHOULD have to be your boss, leader, head honcho, decision maker.
Happy with myself most of the time. We get into an argument once in awhile. :-)
Four grown children, six grandchildren. Two catahoula dogs, one Arabian horse, one appendix quarter horse. God, I'm tired! lol
I'm a renaissance woman, 'nuff said.


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Jean M. Auel, Frank Herbert, Piers Anthony, Kathleen Woodiwiss, Stephen King, Judith Orloff, Jane Roberts
Excuse me, your LIFE is waiting; Dune, Pern and Clan of the Cave Bear series, Seth books. Self-help and how-to books, Conversations with God
Horse & Rider, Trail Rider, Endurance News
n/a - too much depressing stuff in there.
Something About Mary, Shrek, Sleepless in Seattle, 50 first dates
ER, 24, Survivor, Heroes, House, Gray's Anatomy, Animal Planet, Discovery, HGTV, RFDTV
ambiance/nature with classicals, soft rock, top 40
Enya, Enigma, Yanni, Celine Dion, Loreena McKinnet, REO, Marvin Gaye, Eagles, Pink....soooooo many!
Equestrian pursuits, fishing, primitive camping, hiking, swimming
Gatlinburg, San Francisco, Montana, Wyoming, North Carolina
Seafood, Chinese. A really GOOD steak - Cattleman's Ranch in Winter Garden, Florida!