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Nawlins baby!
March 26
Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)
Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Pocky Way!

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vertically challenged
reddish brown
Unitarian Universalist
One Race - The Human Race
slightly to the right of far left
When does orientation class begin?
just a puppy named Lil Girl


Ann Rice, Stephen King, JRR Tolkien, Barbara Kingsolver
Pet Sematary, Interview with the Vampire, Poisonwood Bible
"O", Offbeat
The Times-Picayune
Dilbert, Rose is Rose
Haven't seen a movie in ages
MST3K, ER, West Wing, Queer Eye
Nicholas Cage, Pacino
R&B, Zydeco, World Beat, all kinds
Nevilles, Los Babies, J Monque'D
Beeseball been berry berry good to me
BoSox, Cubs, Saints (I know, I"m a glutton for pain!)
Big Easy (used to be home)
crawfish monica, cracklins', jambalaya, crawfish pie, me-o-miyo