a box of rain.. (77fxs)

a box of rain.. (77fxs)

a box of rain.. (77fxs)
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Kalaheo, Kauai....
November 17
Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)
Buy the Ticket; Take the Ride...
2002 Harley

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6' in boots
brown, silver and black
board shorts ...
yeah, right..
not from around here..
under the radar
girls, ladies, women and female...
step son...
..Ladies Love Outlaws..


Richard Bach, William Shakespeare, Arthur Rimbaud, Jane Austen
Johnathan Livingston Seagull, The New Oxford American Dictionary..
uhh, no
just look around..!!
lately: Get Rich or Die Tryin'.. Stomp the Yard and Cinderella Man... and, Where the Heart Is was pretty darn good..
.killed tv in '93
Danceable.... or Avril
SHAKIRA, Avril, Norah Jones...
Ballroom Dance
a couple of friends and me..
on the dance floor..
let's see what we can burn today..