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The west coast of N.A....up in the hills...
January 26
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
"What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new. Right now. I certainly don't regret my experiences because without them, I couldn't imagine who or where I would be today. Life is an amazing gift to those who have overcome great obstacles and attitude is everything!"
~Lady Fantane

"The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another; and his humblest hour is when he compares the volume as it is with what he vowed to make it."
-John M. Barrie, The Little Minister, 1891

“Scientists were rated as great heretics by the church, but they were truly religious men because of their faith in the orderliness of the universe.”
~ Albert Einstein

"Once, shame on you...twice, shame on me...but third time's a charm..."

To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.

"Live in love and do your work; make amends of your sorrows; for just as the jasmine releases and lets fall its withered flowers, let fall willfulness and hatred."
The Dhammapada

"Every instance of heartbreak can teach us powerful lessons about creating the kind of love we really want."
- Martha Beck

"We stand at the crossroads, each minute, each hour, each day, making choices. We choose the thoughts we allow ourselves to think, the passions we allow ourselves to feel, and the actions we allow ourselves to perform. Each choice is made in the context of whatever value system we've selected to govern our lives. In selecting that value system, we are, in a very real way, making the most important choice we will ever make."
~Benjamin Franklin

"Treat the other man's faith gently; it is all he has to believe with. His mind was created for his own thoughts, not yours or mine."
~Henry S. Haskins

"As a human being, as spirit manifested in form, you are innately worthy. Your worthiness does not have to be strengthened or improved. However, you may not PERCEIVE yourself to be worthy.

If you doubt your self-worth, consciously or unconsciously, you will limit the good things you will allow into your life.
If you find you lack self-worth, don't despair. Just being aware of your self-worth issues will help you let them go."
~Dr. Robert H. Schuller

Hmmmmm...never truly considered an "alter-ego"...ah, once I create the life I want...


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180 lbs
Brown/Hazel/Green...you choose
Hair? What's that? /%\
Comfortable and utilitarian, pretty good about making sure my clothes are clean too...
I'm spiritually inclined...I dig what I believe, perhaps you may or may not...and that's fine...
Human...'nuff said
A little of this, a little of that...pretty consistently eco-centric tho'...
Strictly straight up heterosexual male with all that associated baggage which is being rapidly reviewed and scrutinized for validity...that which doesn't make the cut is ceremoniously cast aside...
Desiring, but to no avail...
Got three of the most wonderful munchkins on the planet...
Bah humbug! *lol* Ya' wanna bridge in Manhatten for that?


Whatever I happen to hold on to long enough...
My favorite book? Brave New World...damn, ol' Huxley had it goin' on eh?
Science, Nature, random journal articles with subject matter ranging from advances in medicine, clothing manufacture among natives in sub-saharan Africa to the latest knowledge pertaining to metaphysical aspects of going to the bathroom...Discover, Smithsonian, Popular Science, National Geographic, professional journals...etc...
*ROTFLMAO* Ok, ok, I will check out local and/or free press wherever I happen to be...best way to get a feel for a community IMHO
LOVE AND MISS the Far Side... "When clowns go bad..." GARY PLEASE COME BACK!!
Anyone who knows me well will tell ya'...I can't sit still that long...unless the movie grabs me by the proverbial cajones within about 3 nanoseconds I'm off doing something else!
Northern Exposure was the only show I had to see week by week...although I hafta admit I like House, that dude cracks me the hell up, good show...
Nobody really...tho' I really do dig that gal Sarah Michelle Gellar; saw her on Letterman one night and was pretty impressed with her...
Heavy Metal meets Classical; one of my favorite things to do is take classical lines and "metal-ize" them =)
Beethoven to Black Sabbath, Mozart to Metallica, Tchaikovsky to Alice in Chains, Vivaldi to Van Halen, ...and a side order of The Doors, CSNY and Floyd w/ that? Yeah, and some NIN, Tool and Pantera?...so very nice...
College football and basketball
Fresno State University, yes the College World Series Champions Bulldogs!!!
*ROTFLOL* You mean people actually "GO" somewhere on vacation? Say it isn't so! I can't even imagine that... *chuckling at the folly of it all...*
Yummy stuff but I am especially enamored with wild berries (thimbleberry, elderberry, wild blueberries etc.) Mmmm, and chocolate brownies w/ walnuts...throw a salmon on the bbq with the above, some wild rice on the stove and you *OWN* me!!!