Queen of Evilness is...

Queen of Evilness is returning... SLOWLY (EWAREHAM)

Queen of Evilness is returning... SLOWLY (EWAREHAM)
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London, UK
June 16
Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)
"In your dreams... Mate!"

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Too short
Fashion is for the weak-minded.
If it fits and it's comfortable, it's mine!
No, but want them


Catherine Anderson Gregory Maguire
Wicked - The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West! Anything that falls into Sihlouette Special Edition category - slushy romance!
The Stage - in an attempt to find a job and not be stuck with a unless degree! ;)
Santa Claus: The Movie! Never been Kissed High Heels and Low Lifes Anything with Drew Barrymore! Like Sandra Bullock and Minnie Driver too
X Files (duh!) Press Gang
Movies: Drew Barrymore My lovely surrogate theatre family: Mazz Murray, Jodie Jacobs and Sarah O'Gleby!
Anything that comes from a musical!
Cast of WICKED!
I run away, well walk away very slowly, from anything athletic!
Orlando, Florida, where the fun never stops!