trampkat (stlbarb)

trampkat (stlbarb)

trampkat (stlbarb)
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St. Louis, MO
January 11
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
hedonistic dancing festival goer
I'm not a tramp, I'm just popular.

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that's so funny. you want wants on my license, what i tell people, or the truth?
its very short now, but still dark this week, i'm not hiding the grey as much now.
thrift store chic
i swear god, just let me live thru today and i'll never drink again
does this require a compass
fur children - Christmas(tabby cat - she came with this name)
sorry, this dance is taken


blues/funk/jazz/ cajun/zydeco/swamp.pop/ bluegrass/
baseball, football, skydiving(wuffo), minature golf
cards, cubs, rams, chiefs, saints
anyplace with a festival
all of it - please sir may i have some more