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Delphi Mk 3.5

    I received the e-mail, then I noticed some slight differences in my forums, next the My Forums page is different.  Yes, Delphi is changing as all things do eventually.  They moved my flippin' cheese, but rather than become bitter, frustrated and annoyed, I've decided to embrace these things and try to stay ahead of the learning curve. 
    This journal is probably a good place to start.  Why do I need an on-line journal?  I already have a real written journal or "diary" if you will.  I only but my most private thoughts in there and you all can read it after I've gone the way of the dodo.  I also have two blogs - one here on Delphi and a parallel one on MySpace.  That's where you can plug into some of the weirdness that rattles inside my skull much of the time.  
    Being a long-time Delphi user, I've seen little changes here and there.  I was there when DelphiPlus was started, and when they started paying forum hosts for visitors and ad hits.  I was there when that went away too and they only gave you credit for ad-free views.  I watched as the massive About Motorcycle Forum, a feature of was altered by Prospero and lost almost all of their core members, including the host.  
    I've met hundreds of new on-line friends, met some personally, attended some of their funerals, ridden motorcycles with many and have posted literally thousands of messages.  It's been fun, informative and intrguing - I'm not going anywhere yet.
    So, as Ozzy said once; "Into The Void!"  Let's get started down this new, improved path, which I assume is supposed to emulate features from popular personal sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.  It's almost 2010 and I'm starting to wonder if we are truly advancing, or if we are just finding more trivial things to do with our time... 

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