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     Hi Kat, i don't post alot of private info on the web for lots of reasons. But think it is appropriate to share some info with you in that it might help someone else. I was diagnosed in 85, in the non-A non-B days. Thought it was crazy to be diagnosed with something not yet named or understood, they only knew what it was'nt. Did the interferon/ribavarin in 06.8 months and insurance finally cut it off. But just started the Sovaldi/Simeprivir 12 days ago. Some mild side effects but a cakewalk compared to INT/Rib. If you think it is of interest to anyone I will update you on the treatment and side effects. Thanks again for your efforts to help people.
      12 days in and for the first time in over 30 years my liver enzymes were in range.That is encouraging. In 2 weeks we check viral load. Side effects are ok. Headache mild but ongoing. Blood sugar way high. May have to change to a new diabetic med to control it. Highly sensitive to sunlight. My bald head is just burning! LOL Biggest problem is insomnia. That is in part due to the high blood sugar levels. Going to try some melatonin. When I get tired I feel kind of goofy, somewhat akin to a pot high. Doc said it was the first time he had heard that but I am his first on this protocol. Feel free to share this info with anyone but please don't reference me. For all the obvious reasons and a few others I have always kept this private. I was hesitant to start these meds due to my exp with Int/rib. So I hope this encourages anyone to start treatment with this protocol. There are still some obstacles with insurance approval I hear but Aetna approved this no questions asked. Doc said my prior NR status combined with a funky MRI result affected their decision. Thanks again for all you do for people.

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