a blog and what it be...

ya know.. i hate the word blog....... ohhh man.. im gonna blog.... ohh man this blogs....what the blog??? ok im all blogged out..... blog me!!!

Boines crazy days as a swimmer..........

    Boines was all alone sitting at his desk wondering what would become of himself.   He thought and thought and decided to be a World Champion Swimmer for the Olympic Team of Wyoming.   He immediately ran in the bathroom and shaved his legs down to his sock line.  He shaved his eyebrows and his head, his armpits and his butt. 

     He ran down to the local A&P and asked for an application to swim.  He was puzzled because the application said YMCA on it.  He threw it on the floor and huffed out the door.  He mumbled to himself, I aint no Village People.   He was sad and broken, for he had already shaved his body clean. 

     He ran over to the High School to join their swim team, but the principal said he had to be a student.  Alas, he was too old to be a student, he was 53.  

    He ran to Walmart and bought him a pool, it was small and blue and shaped like a shoe.  He filled it up with jello, he liked the resistance it gave him, he felt like he was a Gold Medalist contender.  

     He layed in the pool day and night, kicking his legs with all his might, until one day his mom yelled out the window,  "Boines get your ass out of that pool, you look like a damn grape with all that purple jello.

    So his swimming career came to an end, and he started thinking what could have been. 

    On to the next dream..............

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