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    Report Violationheavn|February 13, 2020 5:46 pm
    Hello Isabella,
    I am writing some people who visited the "HTML In Easy Steps" room, and I see you came in January.
    Oh my, it was a disaster when you were here. I apologize. I just now realized that the images and links are discarded in my lessons.
    Isabella, for months I have been loading images out of Photobucket and TinyPics for many other peoples' forums into Delphi account, having skipped several of my own rooms. But it had not even crossed my mind until now, that the POSTS within my forums also needed the images and links replaced!
    I have now worked on it. Things are pretty good now! Whew! I only have Lessons #14 &15 left to do.
    Feel free to come back if you would like. It looks better now.
    Take care, Margie