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July 8
Sing and play the piano. Crochet, sewing, and I am a really good cook. Plus, I'll try anything once. Twice maybe if it didn't hurt. lol Wow i read and love Elizabeth Peters and her books about Egypt and my favorite book is Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. My secret vice is I love pro wrestling! have since I was a teenager and I could not tell you all the live matches I have attended!'s campy and it's fun and you just gotta love two half naked men in a square circle! Life comes full circle and mine is changing again, for the better. Which is really cool for an old lady. lol
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)
Texas Belle working part time
Before you assume ... learn the facts
Before you judge ... understand why
Before you hurt someone ... feel
Before you speak ... think

Everyone you love becomes a part of you. Don't regret loving them. Remember and hold them quietly in your heart, deep in the secret part of your heart, that no one else needs to see.
Chevy Malibu but my favorite was my 69 GTO...OMGosh I loved that car!
don't have one

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whatever suits my mood at the moment!
comfort! At my age, I've earned it!
Mahayanan heathean
Native American (Comanche, Kiowa, Cherokee), with some French, Bohemian/Czech, Irish, Dutch, Black Dutch, German, and English thrown in for good measure. Oh and a trace of Polynesian.. what a hoot lol Makes me a true American!!!
vote for the best candidate for the job
now, please
what's a relationship?
The only thing that's still the the ever changing wind.
from the song Arkansas, by the Wilburn Brothers

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