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Blue Green
Artsy, risky, jeans, dresses, nudity
Alright here it is, I'm wild, crazy, sweet as pie till you piss me off and this isn't an advertisement, it's a warning. I don't tolerate assholes, I won't talk to you if you do any of the following:

* Demand Pics of my boobs to prove I'm a chick
* Demand pics of anything really
* Are rude
* Are pushy
* Don't understand that No sometimes does mean no

So now onto understanding me. Not gonna lie, I'm a nudist about 80% of my life. Nudity is something I love, does that mean you'll see me naked, seriously don't know. I'm also huge into geeky stuff like gaming, comics, etc. That doesn't mean I am the geek girl that can tell you every origin story or game storyline, to be honest I just play them and read when I can, so while I enjoy it, don't think I am like serious into it or anything.

Outside of that I love to crochet and knit. I'm also into some strange kinky ass shit and if you go down the road of talking to me you'll probably end up finding out. So good luck.


Philip K. Dick, Piers Anthony, Anne Rice
Hunger Games, Vampire Chronicles, YA Fiction, Smut, Mystery, Twilight, Harry Potter
Family Guy, American Dad, Fugget About It, Brickleberry, The Simpsons, Arrow, Chuck, NCIS, The Flash, Shadowhunters, Orange is the New Black
Sushi, Hawaiian Pizza, Spicy, No Mayo EVER