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September 14
Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)


designed for a taller person
lots of grey
Comfortable, preferably shorts and t-shirts and sandals
yep...cradle Episcopalian..but now Universal Unitarian with Episcopal slipping around still
American Heinz 57..Polish (half), Scots, Irish, Alsatian,Dutch,English,
Liberal, basically Libertarian, reasonably conservative economically
hetero..but I don't give a damn what anyone is
lots of years..same
6 plus 3 fosters, at least 12 grands


Heinlein, Crichton, Clancy, Seifert, Lawrence Gardiner, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Bradbury, Orwell, Patrick O'Brien, Jean Plaidy, and lots of others
Stranger in a Strange Land, Mists of Avalon, Hunt for the Red October, Master and Commander, Beneath the Blue Mizzen,
National Geographic, Wild Birds, RD, and whatever I happen to pick up
NY Times, London Times, Albuquerque paper, and read a number on line at different times
For Better or Worse, Crankshaft, Non Sequitur, Doonsbury, Family Circus,
Master and Commander, South Pacific, Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon, Martian Chronicles, any good historical show
George Lopez, HGTV, Frasier, History Channel and History International, Keeping Up Appearance, Vicar of Dibley, Are You Being Served, Will and Grace,
Depends on what they are doing. I like a lot of them
Classic, 50's and 60's Rock, some country, some New Age, Celtic, Folk
Nana Mouskouri, Kenny G, Kingston Trio, lot of the oldies
Futbol (soccer for the Americans) and women's college basketball, swimming, sailing
Rhode Island, BC, Smokies, Montana, anywhere near mountains or water
YEP Japanese, Greek, Indian (Asian), Thai, Vietnamese, good Mexican, New Mexican

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