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Arnold, CA
September 26
Arts/Entertainment (Back Stage Manager)

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Too Heavy, No after looking around I am just fine. ;)
steel blue
Boy am I getting old Gray , but it looks better than dyed hair and I still have all of mine.
Had to give that up!$$$$
Love all the good in people and hope that if there is something called God that I am OK with how I look at eternity and how the Universe will be after I am no more what I am now.
My DNA test are not back yet, but I think perhaps I may be humanoid. But my affiliation with them is in question most of the time.
Patriot for only the people and not governments.
Married to a great French lady.
Two wonderful and smart young men.
And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.
�Friedrich Nietzsche


Too Many To List
Most all Astronomy and many more types...
Sky & Telescope, Astronomy
NY Times
All SF
Dr Who, Blake's 7, Star Treck Next Gen.
Class, Blue Grass, Rock-N- Roll
ELO, Eigles, Doors and many more...
Vollley Ball, Skateing 4 weel