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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
December 6
Reading, Gardening, Travel, Exercise, Cooking, Fine Wines, Dining out (these last two take money and I don't have any)
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
Retail fashion
Never say you can't do something.
My feet
Wiley Coyote

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More than it looks but that's because it's all muscle
It's now a deep auburn. I have a very persuasive hairdresser
I wear what I sell. I also happen to like the stuff.
Profoundly Canadian
If I lean any further to the left I will fall over.
Huh? I forget.
Very married
A French Bulldog! Oh, and a cat. Hey! We still love her.
As long as your lips don't move when you read you can be my friend.

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Too many to list here. See my forum.
See above
Toronto Life, Atlantic Monthly, Smithsonian
The Globe and Mail, The New York Times
"A Fish Called Wanda", "Howard's End", "Gremlins"
Anything in PBS or HGTV
Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, Alfre Woodard, Aidan Quinn
Jazz, Opera
Miles Davis, Blue Rodeo, Bruce Cockburn
Any place where I can be guaranteed I won't be sitting around doing nothing.
Sushi, fruit and veggies - healthy stuff! It's how I got thinner

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