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Retiree_Gone_Wild ! (Live2rideNow)

Retiree_Gone_Wild ! (Live2rideNow)
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Northwest Alabama
January 29
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
Safe Riders are HAPPY riders. Life may not be the party we had hoped for, but while we are here we may as well dance.

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Greying now...a little...LOL
I AM the statement...LOL
I believe in God
Irish, German, American Indian (Native American),and maybe a couple more...LOL.
I vote and so should you !
Horizontal, in a knot, upside down, sideways, levatating, bending, streching, and of course....I'm straight!
Married..(Don't you pity The poor girl?!)
1 Son and 1 Stepson (gone to Heaven), 1 Daughter and 1 Stepdaughter, 5 Grands...Empty nest now.
Show me your ride and I'll show you mine.


Ray Bradbury
The October Country
Any biker mag, boating mags, travel mags.
They're all too biased
The Lockhorns
Gone With The Wind.
Discovery, Animal Planet, History, and The Learning Channel.
Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis
Most....NO rap
Enya.... Isn't she the best???
Alabama Crimson Tide and the Miami Dolphins.
All over north America!!!
YES !!! FOOD !!!! and lots of it !!!