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Apple Valley, CA
Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)
Consumer Retail/Wholesale
Hope not but; If I die riding my bike, I will have died doing what I Loved!!!
2006 Silverado

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5' 11"
Yeah I got lots of it
Changing color and amount
Clothes on
A little to the Right of Reagan maybe
2 wives,( not at the same time! Thats INSANE!!) 4 kids Pretty well orientated
Married 18 years and still holding (onto my sanity) Update- come New Years Eve 2020 it will be 32 years! Yeah, apparently I am a glutton for punishment!
2 over 28 and a 16 year old who Knows Everything, and a "13 going on 30" year old daughter (God I'm to old for this) Update - My 16 year old is now 30 and lives in Oklahoma and my 13 year old is now 27 with two kids a 6 yr old boy and a 4yr old girl that live with us! I love the hell out of them and I am too old for kids 24 hrs a day! lol
Looking for "The Wayback Machine" has anybody seen Mr. Peabody?


God, C.S. Lewis, Terry Brooks, Stephen R. Lawhead, Raymond Feist, Christopher Paolini, etc.
Bible, Mere Christianity, Eragon, Sword and sorcery science fiction
gun test mag., Consumer Reports
According to Jim, King of Queens, Monk
The Duke, Clint Eastwood, George C. Scott, Charles Bronson,, James Cagney Oh Heck All the Old Ones.
Classic Rock, Country, Blues all kinds of music
Humble Pie, J. Giels, Grand Funk Railroad, Led Zep, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, to many to list
Football, football, and.... oh yeah football.
there's only one of course, Chargers!
What's a Vacation?
like it to much