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It's sick when BIGGGG men hide behind screen names in the hallways to stalk and threaten young women.
These are the kind of men that can't get a real woman in real life.
I am so thankful that there is a good man like Chris Hansen on tv busting perverts.
Working out at the gym. Growing up and being out on my own... What a difference 3 years have made in my life and being independent.
Working my way through College part time as a Marketing Major. Almost have my Associates degree.
Still working at Hooters part time on the weekends when needed and doing an internship at a marketing firm part time as well during the week.
Isn't it funny how someone requests to be your friend and then wants you to do all these dirty deeds to people and then they act like you are the guilty person when all you did is what they asked you to do. I don't get it I guess two faced is the best description of them.

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125 give or take a little ;-)
Dark brown
Looking HOT in my work uniform ;)on the weekends.
Casual at the marketing firm. Love getting dressed up to go out though. :-)
Men Only!!!
maybe....maybe not... ;-)
just me and my cat Sammy right now... but one day I hope to be a mother
Looking for a sincere mature male not a one night or one week stand....


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Hot Hooter's Wings of course