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Aoteroa New Zealand
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
I've taught Youth for a number of years and now I teach Adults.
Have you seen me frolic?
yeah.. its great, thanks for asking

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is 'compact' a size?
65% muscle mass.. ohhh sheeeeet..
chocolate brown.. mmmmm chocolateee..
im going for the silver surfer look.. i just need grey spandex and a board
is comfortable
I hope there's something else after this life.. or whats the point?
I'm all that I am
lets put them in prison.. see how they like getting constantly screwed over when they're not lookin..
Well I turned up for orientation and had to resit the course, repeatedly and till I was completely exhausted!
he managed to survive thus far.. either he's a saint or my rack is better than I thought..
My kids are bloody brilliant, gorgeous and smart.. I claim all bragging rights.. !!

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