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July 18
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)
I hope you live for ever and I never die.........
The above I hope for all
Except liberals, and commies.I know your a liberal Princess Jazzynice!A very special one! And I want you to live forever too.I hope you also never die Bama.

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Just a tad under 9'
Just a tad over 200lbs. and loosing.
Blue (Dark Blue)
Salt and Pepper
I'm a Cabinetmaker.
All the latest tool belts.
There Is an Almighty that
sees and hears all.
And one day he will Call all to answer to their deeds In this life.
At the moment of birth I was blue.Then I lightened up
Well I can tell you this.
I'm not voting for that
john F'n kerry fellow
I love the Females.
I mean I love them all.
This shoots the above to heck.
I'm seperated.LOL.
1 Daughter 28
1 Son 18