Aussie Don (AUSSIEDO1)

Aussie Don (AUSSIEDO1)

Aussie Don (AUSSIEDO1)
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Melbourne, Australia
November 25
Beer, good food, beer, motor sport, beer, cars, beer, motor cycles,beer, music, oh and did I mention beer.
And he sat and watched and waited till his billy boiled under the shade of a coolabah tree

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5'9"and shrinking
too much
this week - grey
Dressed by St Vincent De Paul
Pentacostal / Baptist Christian
A bit of this and a bit of that and still created in the image of God
Karl Marx is a facsist
I've never even been to the orient
no teenagers any more


Capt. W. E. Johns
any Biggles books
Ben Bowyang
The Castle
Bargain Hunt
Christian Punk
Antiskeptic, Blame it on Stanley
Ausie Rules Football
where else but Queensland
Extremely hot curries & chillies