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Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

The day was warm and sunny. An amateur cone enthusiast, was out for a morning stroll. Suddenly, he saw a bit of orange peeking out from behind a bush.

"I thought at first it might be some sort of orange bird- it seemed too small to be a cone."

But soon there was no mistaking- it was a tiny cone! This pint sized pylon emerged from the bush and was soon followed by others- a whole miniature herd! "I knew nobody would believe me. Old legends of a tiny cone race were long ago dismissed by scientists. So, I decided to bring them home with me. I lured them with a trail of asphalt chips." Once the cones were home...

He snapped several pictures of them. He then tried to return them to the wild. "But they just wouldn't budge!" The cones seemed content to linger in his yard. It has been three weeks, but they have shown no intention of leaving. He seems resigned to his fate as cone keeper: "They're fun to have around- and they're useful! That one over there saved me from falling in a gopher hole yesterday!"


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