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Western KY
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
You might as well make up your mind and do something because you'll be damned if you do and damned if you don't by somebody or other.

Follow your own values - not other people's - and be true to yourself.

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Long and brown with some silver strands
Gone to the dogs!

Jeans and T-shirts; long skirts;
bright lipsticks;
mascara with a bit of eye-pencil in the crease;
not much make-up otherwise.
Episcopalian atheist with Hindu and Buddhist tendencies
WASP American
"Yellow-Dog" Democrat - used to be - since moving to KY, I have realized that the Southern Dem is just a Republican in sheep's clothing so have switched parties, esp since I consider Nancy Pelosi and Barry Obama to be complete embarrassments to the American Way.

I am fairly accepting of people and an ACLU-supporting LiberaL, preferably while being pragmatic. I also remember (and believe in) James Baker's words, "We must cry limited tears."

WHERE is the ACLU while our country is heading towards economic decline and socialism??? WHERE is the ACLU in protecting WOMEN'S health rights including the freedom to have a safe abortion without interference from state governments run by ego-tripping MEN?

Why is it that the American people have become such blind sheep that Russia actually seems to have more of our American values than we do anymore? Why is it that the American people believe that it is perfectly normal for the NSA to spy upon us WITHOUT REASON and okay to accept that in the case of an attack on Washington DC, an alternative government will be set up bypassing the rights of succession as stated in the US CONSTITUTION?
Learning to be selfish has been one of the toughest things that I have accomplished but I no longer allow myself to be the doormat of other people ... well, usually not. LOL
None unless you count the dogs (and all of the neighborhood cats that hang out on my front porch, esp for breakfast). I have Chihuahuas and Yorkies. My life revolves around them. They bring me a lot of joy!
I loved dogs and was in the dog game for over 40 years. Talking to people about their dogs is one of my most pleasurable past-times.

I am list owner of some yahoo groups.

I like to play computer games offline since I have no internet nor TV at home. I also enjoy watching DVD movies on the computer, too. Otherwise, I have my radio on NPR or sports stations most of the time.

I like to grow plants, especially flowers and trees. My yard has lots of crepe myrtles and rose bushes as well as Roses of Sharon and wild boxwood. I figure the more plants I grow, the less grass I mow.

I live for BASKETBALL season!!!

I miss living in Western Wisconsin on the Mississippi River. The people are very special up there as are Wisconsin winter days with their robin-egg-blue skies and snow so dazzling that I'd have to squint in order to see. The most beautiful sunsets are at -20F (twenty below).

I enjoy watching the stock and oil markets.


Taylor Caldwell is always a good read albeit often exhausting. Charles Dickens I appreciate now. Roman Piso Dave Barry Ed McBain
Constantly changing because I read so much, mostly non-fiction and biographies. The Ed McBain books are quick and interesting. A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN JEWS, GOD, AND HISTORY THE GOSPEL OF MARY OF MAGDALA by Karen L King GETTING THE GOSPELS by Steven L. Bridge Books about home remedies and alternative medicine English History (esp bios)
Fred Basset Marmaduke
No TV I listen to NPR news programs or ESPN sports radio most of the time
Nicole Kidman is unbelievably talented as is Johnny Depp when he's not a pirate.
Bagpipe music Andean Mountain music Harp music Thumbpickin' Good fiddle music Celtic music
Pink Floyd Joan Baez Eric Clapton Dido Sarah McLaughlin Eminem Grateful Dead
College basketball NBA playoffs NFL games Baseball on any level
COLLEGE BASKETBALL: University of Louisville Cardinals (basketball with Rick Pitino is always my very favorite), University of Kentucky Wildcats, Duke Blue Devils, ---NBA TEAMS: Phoenix Suns, Orlando Magic, Detroit Pistons, LA Lakers, Houston Rockets, ---NFL TEAMS: Tennessee Titans, Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals San Diego Chargers Minnesota Vikings ---NHL TEAMS: Tampa Bay Lightning, Nashville Predators, Canadian Teams ---COLLEGE HOCKEY: University of Minnesota (my alma mater) and UM-Duluth --BASEBALL TEAMS: NY Yankees NY Mets Chicago White Sox Minnesota Twins LA Dodgers with Manny St. Louis Cardinals
Amazon Jungle Moracco London
Whole grains with seaweed, beans, nuts, and seeds Fried chicken with mashed (not whipped) potatoes and gravy Fresh fruits Burritos, especially egg and cheese ones Rye bread Japanese foods: sushi, octopus, squid, green tea ice cream Lambrusco wine and Guinness Stout Coffee loaded with milk, cinnamon, and honey or stevia Herbal teas Spring water