Don't blame me! I vo...

Don't blame me! I vote Libertarian! (Bob4Liberty)

Don't blame me! I vote Libertarian! (Bob4Liberty)
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September 17
Skilled Trade Worker
I am formerly known as "GOP21stCEN", but changed my screenname after the great Republican implosion. That account will remain Basic, as proof that my Delphi membership actually began on 2/28/02.

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5' 8''
Christian (the Holy Spirit gave me a needed kick).
I prefer women!
I don't post much, anymore. When 99% of folks can't be awakened, and the masses/asses will follow Democrats & Republicans over the cliff, I am wasting my time.

Just like the proverbial "abused wife" will continue making excuses for the abusive husband, and no matter how many of her teeth he knocks out, and how many stitches, bruises, concussions, and broken bones she has....she runs back to him yet again. Same with the pathetic voters of the "United States of America". The Republicans & Democrats have raped & plundered the nation, but the pussified voters continue the blind support. Stockholm Syndrome in full display, nationwide.

Step aside, Zimbabwe! Here comes the USSA! Striving to be first to the bottom!


NONE! (4' x 4' sheets are cumbersome!)
Action only. No voyeur flicks or drama (for Walter Mitty types). Of course, I'm outgrowing most movies altogether. Increasingly, I don't want to "sit and watch", I want to go LIVE.
Educational, Star Trek, South Park, anything not mindnumbing...and must have a DVR to watch them.
None. Arrogant (and overpaid) prima-donnas are no better than we are. Only the totally pathetic are infatuated with Celebs.
Anything with a good rhythm and someone who can sing.
All sing good AND bad songs.
All are fun to play.
None. I'm not vicarious.
Cruise ships are fun!
Anything (except liver).