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Vancouver BC Canada... My Happy place!
December 3
I enjoy being active ... working out, dancing, walking in the park. Also more sedate activities, people watching at the park, reading, zoning out watching TV
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
Work at a casino in the HR departmnt... Payroll, accounting, that kinda stuff
I am looking to make friends and meet people and get to know them. I am not interested in cyber-flirting, cyber-role-playing, cyber-sexing, getting cyber-married and having cyber-children. If you start in with that, I will lose interest very quickly
Your basic Honda Civic. Gets me from point A to point B

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160 - ish
blonde now... see for yourself!
love to dress stylish, can vary from being dressed up at work to a sexier look when I go out to jeans and t-shirt
Beleive in God or a higher being, but not in organized religion
About as caucasian as you can get!
Woke AF
I only date women and date them in real life.
On the market ;)