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Fleur-de-lys (luxluxoris)
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Somerset, U.K.
Quebec, Canada.
Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)
"I'm a good girl, I am!"
Yes, dearies:-)

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5' 3"
7 stone 12
dark brown with reddish strands
Whatever's got a swing, a swirl and deep pockets.
Leaning....to the left.
Does it matter?
No one's business, except mine and the man's.
This, also!
Been there, done that.
Don't want to do it anymore, merci:-) But I do love them.
"O Come unto me, all ye that are heavily laden...."(Handel's Messiah) and I-I will make you laugh:-)Well, I'll do my best.


No one in particular; everyone in particular.
"The Ya-Ya Sisterhood"; "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid."; Many others....
I don't watch T.V. I prefer radio.
There are too many that I respect and like.
Anything goes.
Same as above.
sailing, tennis, table tennis, croquet, swimming.
France. Lake District. Florence, Italy, Caribbean; South Pacific.
Anything except sushi, plastic cheese, squid and snails.