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December 28
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
You can't lose, what you never really had.

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5' 4''
turning silver
No way
Don't believe in organized CHAOS.
Member of the HUMAN RACE. I Believe that mans test, is to undo the Tower of Babble. (We aren't doing so hot, with that.)
Very LEFT. Every human who is now on the planet, deserves to be here. How they act while learning in a human body, will make them choose, not always fairly to do good , or bad.
FDR put a chicken in every pot. George bush and others, not only took the chicken. They filled the little critters with so many antibiotics that your immune system can't fight disease. Every time you bite into a chicken you are hurting yourself, and your kids could have rotten immune systems. WHY, because they can make a chicken grow faster. A normal chicken takes 10 weeks to mature.
The hormones and the antibiotics make a ripe for killing chicken in 5 weeks. (I used to eat chicken, lol)

Why should I shut up, it is none of my business. Well it is my business. I live on the planet, and We Canucks are ascared, that is is rubbing off on us. We breath air , and want it to stay clean, We have to live smaller.

Companies are NOT PEOPLE , any idiot must understand big business is reaming its own people.
Companies are poisoning us and our kids, and reaming you all of money and rights. Who outsourced the jobs in the first place?
GREED , GUNS is not the way to go. We need a clean up plan for
EARTH now.
(Ranting, I could go on for hours, sorry,
NO I am not really sorry. It makes me and the others around the planet sad. VERY SAD

Oh and by, de wee, your media is so full of propaganda that it is sick. They stretch out traumas longer , and withhold information from you. They are making money on the lives of people many arrested for nothing and process them like cheese. ewwww
OBAMA is trying to fix it, and being constipated by the OLD BOYS CLUB and their bunk.
(Clampet Politics)
Never been to China
I am me, aren't you glad you're not.
1 grown, there is much potential in him.


The Far Side
Pulp Fiction, Blade Runner, To Kill a Mocking Bird, ins, The Big Labowski