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Really? This is a dating site and I have to make myself sound like a good pick?
Get real. Rad Mama grabs the first clean thing to throw on in the morning (if that), gets to do the fashion routine only when respite and extra energy kick in! My idea of fashion is once or twice a year that I can pull out a fancy, not stain-proof blouse to wear with my jeans, and actually get to put on make-up and jewelry.
Anything pre-(daughter's type of crowd that led to me raising a RAD grandson). Anything back to when people had respect for themselves, others, and the place they were in. Back when the Golden Rule was interpreted the way it was supposed to be!
Hillbilly, country, Scotch/Welsh Druid (still have a family castle over there), old Hippy. Love nature and the outdoors, hate beaches and tourist crowds.