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In the secret place of the Most High, EL ELyOn, Yeshua-Messiah, YA hO vah - Yah ha vah !
I've actually been on Delphi since mid-1998. ... Here is my summary thought: The closing of bloody, bloody human history, ... and the soon beginning of THE DIVINE & RIGHTEOUS REIGN OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST {which will mark the beginning of DIVINE HISTORY} is very nigh at hand. ... it is wise to keep this in mind. AT ALL TIMES.
teacher/student/student-teacher. in the school of prophets.
"Let him who is without stones cast the first sin."

"all the proud and the arrogantly religious shall be turned into hell."
really neat how it turns out that way.

GOD IS JUST, UTTERLY IMPARTIAL ... and merciful, ... to the humble and honest.
for real. no exceptions.
ladies and gentlemen: GET YOUR ACTS TOGETHER ! ... The Reckoning is right around the corner . . . and THAT is no lie !
* Zephaniah 3:8-9 *

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clothed in the righteousness of Christ, *in spite of* all the lying slanderers and malicious hatemongers on the internet who spew hate and slander as tho they were children of satan {which mostly, truth be told, they are} ... and for the record.
Christian: Universal Spirit-born and Spirit-filled Body of Yeshua. - THEternaL Body of GOD in human flesh. one of His many servants: FOR REAL. ... tho they be few in actual number.
In today's world we most have FAKE & PHONEY "christians" that don't know the first thing about walking in ACTUAL LOVE *or* in the Holy Spirit. a FAKE 'christian' is someone who operates nearly ALL of the time out of the adamic-eg0 and personal pride. ... and today: they are legion.
German. Polish. Bohemian. some Scotch-Irish ... and probably part Jewish on both sides of the family.
waiting for the Theocracy of the Davidic Messianic Kingdom on earth. ... and I am very convinced we won't be waiting much longer.
straight. The way GOD made men and women. (but please remember: sexual-orientation does NOT determine our destiny: our relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ & Moral TRUTH *does*)
married to a wonderful woman & my soulmate ... 25+ years now.
one step son. grown. independent artist and photographer.
you do wrong: you pay. period.

THAT'S the way GOD made things.

you do right: GOD rewards accordingly.

yes: there is grace, ... but grace is NOT a license to "do as we please" and "sin all we like". grace is a Gift. sin is a curse. receive the former: shun the latter. it's time TO GET SERIOUS about getting right and STAYING RIGHT with GOD.


best teacher and poster on the internet: adelpit346/richard the lionhearted, Max Lucado, Art Katz, TOZER, RAVENHILL, Randy Alcorn, Ravi Zacharias
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everything by Terrence Malick and Stanley Kubrick, CHARIOTS OF FIRE, THE THIN RED LINE, BEN-HUR, A MAN CALLED PETER, MOST movies by John Huston or Orson Welles, Jesus of Nazareth [full version]
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tennis, ping pong diplomacy, gymnastics, baseball, football, wrestling, golf
"beside the still waters" ..., and ON THE SOLID ROCK OF THE LORD JESUS MESSIAH.
somewhat semi-kosher ... :^), chinese. italian. mexican.