~SASSYtheBOMBassENVY~ (_sassyness_)

~SASSYtheBOMBassENVY~ (_sassyness_)
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Home of the Cleveland Browns!!
Bowling, football, laying in the pool with a good book, watching a good movie and cuddling with my sexy husband, watching my son play football, being with my family!
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
You bitches tryna clone my style and run wit it~ That's cool, I was the first one wit it -

I seen ‘em come, I seen’ em go, still I remain.
Sweetie, you goin' on your 14th minute of fame,
I’m over 10 years strong still running the game
Cut the comparisons I’m in the legendary lane.
Fighting for a spot? Child please, I’m solidified.
With my hands tied, you couldn't beat me if you bitches tried.

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121 lbs
blue eyed beauty
boobie shirts of course!!
Zionist christian.
**white girl**
to the right----------> usually
Zionist and proud.
I kissed a girl and I liked it!!!
Married to the man that can make me laugh when I dont feel like laughing, that can say smile and I can't help but to smile immediately, whose arms I melt in when he holds me, who still tells me I am beautiful every day of my life, who tells me he loves me every night before bed and will text and call just to say it, who calls me just to hear my voice, the man I can tell anything to whether I am happy or sad or even angry, the man that even takes the polish off of my toes when I want to change the color lol, who I have a movie date with every night, who still opens my door for me, who tickles me just because he loves to hear me laugh, who holds me close every night and tells me he can't get close enough, who can kiss my neck and still give me butterflies, who has my back no matter what and I have his, who would break down hell to save me, who I still catch checking me out when he doesnt think I notice lol..who would fight the world to defend me, the man I love with everything in me and then some, my best friend, my husband, my heart, the person who completes me. :0)
Two handsome and wonderful sons who remind me of their dad more and more everyday!


ann rule, Margaret Mitchell
without pity, every breath you take, too late to say goodbye, heart full of lies, a slaying in the suburbs, any and all true crime books!, Motley Crue- The dirt, the prize winner of defiance ohio, if you really loved me, house of torture, gone with the wind, the winds of tara, scarlett
true love, true story, true life, sof, People, us magazine, true confessions
sun news, The Cleveland Plain Dealer
casino, goodfellas, american history x, malcolm x, Philadelphia, roots, what dreams may come, American Grafitti, boyz n the hood, to kill a mocking bird, white chics, natural born killers, terms of endearment, licensed to drive, battlefield earth, the strangers, ET, forrest gump, dazed and confused, Kingdom of Heaven, the family man, The pianist, Schindler's list, the birdcage, urban cowboy, harold and kumar go to whitecastle, it's a mad mad mad mad world, to kill a mocking bird, national lampoons christmas vacation, friday 1-3, the passion of the christ, the wizard of oz, it's a wonderful life, 300, a christmas story, gladiator, braveheart, napolean dynamite, THE NOTEBOOK THE NOTEBOOK THE NOTEBOOK..LOL, Gone with the wind, Scarface, house of a thousand corpses, Devil's rejects, Rob Zombie's halloween , Back to the future 1-3, Titanic
boardwalk empires, American horror story, The walking dead, big brother!, spongebob, jersey shore, all in the family, andy griffith, king of queens, if it's reality I'm watchingn it!, I love Lucy, californication, survivor, family guy, real housewives
Ryan Gossling YUUUUMY!, Sherri Moon Zombie, Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert Dinero, joe pesci, clark gable, Clint Eastwood
hip hop, rock, oldies, metal, country
2 chainz, mgk-CLEVELAND BABY!, eminem, tuff, la guns, yung jeezy, tupac, lil wayne, Kenny Chesny, Toby Keith, Poison, motley crue, T.I, lil kim
football (Go Browns), bowling (go kelly kullick)
CLEVLAND BROWNS, my bowling team!! :0) FFF
vegas baby!!
all mexican food! yum, pizza