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May 25
Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)
retired/disabled from American Red Cross..
My quote would be is to not take life as granted, and to share your thoughts and feelings with others, for you may be surprised on how others may give you a new insight on things in your heart and in life in general.

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light brown
jeans, sneaks, tee shirts, and once in awhile like to dress up
I am caucasion
son and daughter
I am a free spirited person, love to write poetry and walk on beaches and watch the sunrise , love to travel, meet new people and be there for anyone who wants to share thoughts ideas or just to release .
a poem
Ahhh another day has come to be, I thank the lord everyday I see, to feel the caring and concern on here, gives me a warm feeling everywhere, to know if I need someone to comfort me, has really set my mind free, free to share all that I feel, to know your here and that is real, it is wonderful for all to share and to know, that there are people here to help you grow, to learn also from someone new, whether for me or for you, this site has helped me in many ways, I could be on here for days and days, knowing that someone is here, to help you in anyway from even your fear, I bless you all this I will say to you, for you all lighten my worries this is true, so thank you one and thank you all,
By keeping me from falling and helping me to stand tall, so Happy Monday is what I say, I hope you all have a beautiful day......