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near Seattle, WA
December 24
Im a poet and writer ( ), i love to do things out side including camping hiking and swiming, i read lots. i am NOT intrested in talking about sex, my love life, how my hubby likes fucking women with me or anything else remotaly related to that.
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
i am a stay at home mom and aunty
its not done 'til its done right
i dont drive
i dont rp, ever!

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green and gold
redish blond
Whatever catches my mood.
Choice of: other

Im a solitary electic kitchen witch,
for those that dont know its a pagan religion.
White.... but red, yellow, green, purple, black, dose it really matter?
Im a Bisexual.
That means: im attracted to both men and women.
It dose not mean: that my hubby and I are in a relationship that involves another woman.
starting divorce paperwork: Sep. 9th 2013
married since: Oct. 16th 2010
in love since: Nov. 02nd 2009
John Patrik born June 19th 2012

~~ In Memory of ~~
~~~ Ebony Gene ~~~
~Miscarried May 2011~
~~ In Memory of ~~
~ The Lost Ones ~
I am legally married, my husband knows I chat, Im filing for divorce, Im not here for perviness, I wont tollarate it.

If your an intellagant person, male or female, Ill be more then happy to talk if you ask nicely.


laurrl k. hamilton, sherrilyn kenyon, christen feehan, j.d. robb
anything supernatural
local news
comic strip. what is that?
depends on my mood
crimnal minds, ncis, ncis los angles, csi, csi ny, unforgetable
um, um, idk.
older country, 80s rock, some hip hop
whatever im in mood for
sports.. whats are these sports you speak of..
the woods
im pregs, what do you think?