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Scotland...On the river Clyde.
April 3
Travelling, ships, photography (3D), model building....
Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)
Teacher, retired this year.
Life`s too short not to go out in shorts`n hose.
Mercedes SLK 200

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6ft 3in
arctic blonde
Love all styles of hose and meggings, with or without shorts depending on circumstance. Access "Meggingmad" on Squidoo.
However, it`s just a "hose thing". I`m not into heels`n stuff or cross dressing.
Guys can have great legs. Why not decorate them? So many guys have tattooed legs nowadays. At least I can remove my tattoo tights if I get tired of the look.
Born again pagan.
However, I don`t give a hoot what ethnicity anyone else is as long as they are nice people.
Left of centre(ish).
Gay, but totally straight friendly :-)
I`d like to get to know more like minded guys. Feel free to drop me a line or chat.


Classics from the 40`s onward
Masterchef, The Big Bang Theory, Friends (still)
Alastair Sim, Alec Guinness
Anything that doesn`t make my ears hurt.
Katie Melua
Cruising the world, Paris, San Francisco, NYC, Madrid, Amsterdam
Tapas, French, Italian, Chinese, Thai