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Addiction Treatment Services At Jade Recovery

Suffering from addiction affects more than just the person who is abusing drugs or alcohol. Family members, friends, and loved ones will go through the addiction sometimes as much as the person using. However, recovery starts with the person who has the addition. While it can be tempting to try and get your loved one to get treatment, if they aren’t ready or don’t have their own motivation to seek help, recovery will be an uphill battle. Jade Recovery covers all aspects of helping a person get clean, and remain sober. They help those that are a little reluctant to start treatment by assisting them to feel as comfortable as possible from the moment they walk through the door on the first day.

Support is vital to keeping a person from returning to their old behaviors. Jade Recovery offers individual and group therapy options that strength an individual's strategies for not reverting back to the addiction. They believe in individualized treatment plans to help better patients to achieve a higher level of success against their addiction. The first steps of withdrawal will have to be addressed. No matter what substance a person is on, getting off of them safely is the top priority of the staff at Jade Recovery. Patients will be overseen by registered nurses and licensed clinicians that have years of experience handling every substance abuse problem.

With a core belief in clinical intervention, Jade Recovery assists patients with learning valuable coping skills, while providing a safe environment during group therapy. Once a patient has gone through the individual or group therapy treatment. Family programs are also available and highly encouraged. Being able to discuss the issues with your loved one can be hugely beneficial to the recovery process, not only for the addict but for the family member. Their programs don’t stop at just helping a person get clean and developing strategies to stay away from their drug of choice; they also assist with an after-care program.

The after-care program reinforces everything patients learn from therapy and the recovery program. Jade Recovery extends the recovery process past the traditional 90-day program. They offer after-care programs that last six months, during this program patients will attend meetings weekly at first and step-down to once a month. This continued support allowed patients to feel more secure and supported in their journey to a life free of addiction.

For more information about Jade Recovery, their treatment options or to learn about the admission process, please visit http://jaderecovery.com.


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