Wolfie (WolfSpirit68)

Wolfie (WolfSpirit68)

Wolfie (WolfSpirit68)
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Northwest Ohio
June 30
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)
Some say I am special, I say I am just me.

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6' 0"
200-205 Depending on the week =)
Very blonde right now...
If it looks good and feels good wear it.
100% pure American
The Right Side
Straight Hetrosexual
None that I know of...but working on it.
I'm nobody special, I have no banner to wave. I am who I am or so I think?


Ziggy, Garfield
Blazing Saddles & Willy Wonka
M.A.S.H, X-Files, Charmed, Soap
John Travolta & Sandra Bullock
Country, Classic Rock, Classical, New Age Jazz, Nature, Piano, and many more...
Hawaii of course.
No thanks...