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Concord CA,

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May 30
Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)
College Student
"Nymph In Forgiveness"

I let my anger go a long time ago.
Rivers of life soothed my wounds,
held down to the ground, root bound,
I forgave you, my family held me up,
when i wanted to wilt,
Never gave up,
Nymphs and Dryads danced,
I stood still, Time Passed,
Heart is unlocked,
tidal wave of pain,
but whats to gain,
with in time,
i learned to Rhyme,
forever no longer yours,
awaiting my new soul mate,
now I too frolic through time and leafs,
as I grin, and deal with the pain,
the clouds poured down the rain,
and the rainbow came out, sun is shining.
Tis time I danced with my sisters and brothers,
and other Fae. You sir, no longer matter,
must of been some bad magic you preformed on me.. but no less.
My hearts healed and no longer a mess.
So strong am I to beat the pain.
Head is held high, through the all time,
I am stronger than you think
stronger than brother skunks stink.

Dancing Dancing Through the time..
Nothing but a grin on,
Mistakes were made,
Heart pain does fade,
Loving you was not a mistake
Twas only a lesson,
on with the sunshine,
watching my soul heal
Cracks mended ..
Souls be un bent,
You indirectly were heaven sent.
Even though we were never meant
to be as one, you taught me love,
for that I honor you my ex,
Trees and leafs are neat,
Where I feel at home,
Ready to go Roam,
Close down to the earthy Foam,
Feet are naked, toes wiggle
I’ve let loose a giggle.
Once again happy,
True I am sappy.
VirginDragon,Clara`Ax (lycan) Becky`Lyn (Vamp) Myrlyness (Nymph\succubus Hybrid)

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5 foot 7 inches
for me to know and u to wonder
Hazel blue/green/ flects of brown
a mixutre of red/brown/and blond
Why the need to fit into any sort of form? I like wearing what I like even if you consider it crazy!!!!! I like to be comfy..
Whats that?
GRRR Dont get me started
on top
uhm riiiiiight.
Just have my Two Sons living with me.
Ask me anything.. I am open and honest... and sometime brutal. if i dont like what u stand for i'll let u know.


Brian Metzer is a good Author Anne McCaffery
I love All book dealing with dragons and horses..LOl
uh dont read these
nada on the news papers.. Sorry
AHH a lot ask me okay?
Buffy & so many more...
VIN Diesel and matthew perry and many more JIm Carrey. Adam Sandler
Dont have just one kind
no really.. like to play just no good lol
uh ???? uh not really I prefer horse racing...
Cabo San Lucus
Spagetti and Pizza mexican food. Italian. Chinese every one needs a lil chinese.