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Surrey, BC, Canada
August 4
Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)
Writer, planning to teach ESL
I'm proud to be a former a soldier of the Canadian Forces.

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125 lbs
black and grey
I enjoy wearing hosiery, because it feels very nice to the skin. Even washing it is kind of nice.
I was born and raised in Canada, so I call myself Canadian, but the politically correct term is Chinese Canadian or Canadian Chinese.
generally conservative, especially on the bigger issues
single, unfortunately
none, but maybe 1 day
I teach ESL, and collect information. I enjoy collecting information about hosiery. If you need somebody to research something for you, then let me know, and maybe I'll help you out.

Bear in mind that I no longer update my MySpace blog. I feel that Blogger/Blogspot provides a better service. My blog link is below.


BC, Dilbert
classical, worship and praise, hymns, Christmas carols
running, because I'm late for the bus; walking because I need to get from the bus stops and the stations to my destination; other than that, none in particular
almost anywhere that I can get to by Via Rail or Greyhound
yogurt, dessert tofu, sunflower seeds