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Cassy (Cassy87)

Cassy (Cassy87)
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November 11
Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)
Licensed Esthetican,IPL Tech, Makeup Artist
'Ev'ry Day im Shufflin"
I Dont role play, What you see is who I am.

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Hazel with green flecks
burnett w/ blond highlights


80s, Rock & Roll, Heavy Metal, Hiphop, some blues Jazz
Metallica, AC/DC, ZZ Top , Pink floyd, Creed, Foriner, The Hipp., Off SpRING , Zep, Joan Jett, Def Lepard, Eminem , Pink, Avril Laving, Godsmak, Saliva, Disturbed Mansen, NIN, Areosmith, Ozzy, Head stones, Nickle back, Rob Zombie , old Prodigy, CandleBox, Staind, Tea party, Three Days Grace, T ool, Enigma, Fiona Apple, Gwen Stefani, Blue Rodeo, Erithmics, Foo Fighters, Crystal Method, Tonic, Blondie, Eric Clapton, Rush, War, Lea Aron, Jim Morrison, Dream Theater, Daft Punk, Darude, Benny benassi, Nirvana, Counting crows, Puddle of Mud, Econoline crush, Element Eighty