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Serenity's Cargo Bay
July 16
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)
Make somethin' up... Don't tell em what I did! - Jayne Cobb
WoW - Boulderfist:

Human Paladin named Chadzilla (main)

Dwarf Hunter named Popgun

Human Priest named Munepye

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6 Foot 5 Inches
300 pounds of raw love
Dark Brown
Simpson firesuit and racing helmet for special occasions... but most of the time: CAMOFLAUGE
I've seen Spaceballs... there was a president in that movie...
happily married to a beautiful woman
Taste good with barbecue sauce
Time for some thrilling heriocs.


King Solomon King David The Apostle John Douglas Adams Timothy Zahn Robyn and Rand Miller John C Dvorak
The Holy Bible Hitchhiker's Guide Series Grilling Cook Books Dummies books (computer) Myst series Star Wars
PC Magazine Computer Shopper Chess Life Catalogs
Great to line the litter box with.
User Friendly Dilbert Garfield Beetle Bailey
Serenity Star Wars Indiana Jones Forrest Gump Monty Python M*A*S*H Napoleon Dynamite
Firefly M*A*S*H Good Eats Mail Call Boy Meets Grill Iron Chef Call For Help House 24
Nathan Fillion Adam Baldwin Tom Hanks Harrison Ford Steve Martin
rapid gunfire... artillery fire.. piston engines... jet engines... pretty much anything but country and rap
Alice In Chains Aerosmith Jimi Hendrix Jars of Clay Plumb Primus Bride RL Burnside SRV Boston SCOTS Weird Al James Brown War Doobie Brothers Kenny Wayne Shepherd Trans Siberian Orchestra lots more...
Racing Hockey Target Shooting (sniping) Paintball Disc Golf
Chevrolet Ferrari (F1) Porsche (Grand AM) Virginia Tech Hokies WVU Mountaineers Phoenix Coyotes
anywhere a racetrack is located, or Sedona or San Diego
anything barbecued or grilled anything chocolate ;)