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Rich (richbfc777)

Rich (richbfc777)
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Vancouver, Washington, USA
June 20
Blessed is the man that trusts in the Lord, And whose trust is the Lord-Jeremiah 17:7
2010 Harley StreetGlide and 2006 StreetGlide with a Liberty sidecar, foot clutch and tank shifter

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182 +
almost all white
boots,jeans,t-shirts,leather and cordura, grease and oil and shades when the suns out
Christian-JESUS is the truth the truth shall set you free!
with no sun in Washington, pretty white, just kidding, we get sun somtimes, then we get burned and turn red
not politically correct
The way GOD intended
married 34+years
3 and 6 grand kids with one on the way


GOD, Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins
Bible , 70 X 7, Riding the Crossroads
motorcycle and Jeep
far and few between
Left Behind series comicbooks, excellent!
Left Behind, The Road to Redemption, Transformers, Couragous, War Horse
American Pickers, Cafe Racer
Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, etc.
Some Heavy Metal, "Mentality" BFC Athem, "Mentality" Leaf on a Limb, Christian blues, rock, contemporary
Gideons Army, Sonic Flood, Brent Williams, Darrell Mansfield, Dennis Agajanian, Petra, Daniel Amos Band, Good News Blues, Etc.
Team JESUS, Us against the Devil, with Jesus leading the fight!
Mexico, Canada, California, Oregon or where ever the road goes
Almost anything that doesn't crawl off the plate