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February 17
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
DR.: "That's not Hepatitis C related....there are no symptoms..."

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165... now140 & rising
new sneakers once a year
Irish of mixed european backgrounds
consevative, lightly tossed
never been to the Orient, but dream about it
shunned by women at present..but still got my Martin guitar
5 kids, now 4... oldest son, deseased..say no to drugs please... 6 3rd generation little ones
current: 1A/chirosis...VL. 49 million (Dec 07).. ALT: 120s/last look.. TX history:Pegasus clinical trial 99-2000...old combo/3 shot/wkly 2000..Infergen 2001..Infergen/prendisone 2001...interferon maintance TX 2001... short Anvizel TX.current TX, 0...July 07 bilinary duct stents liver/pancreas, failed/removed...Jan 08 stent replacement again...current prendisone/Embrel tx for interferon related symptoms..awaiting outcome :) 09...12 stents total...surgical removal of pancreas (2/3)spleen, gallbladder & 27 lymphnodes, relocate pancreatic duct to intenstine, things can only get better..lots of space to carry stuff now if they had installed a zipper...bad livers do bad things...update..as of 2012 Dxed with cancer in the esophagus, had surgery for removal of masses, etc...re-dxed after 3 months,cancer cells present but no masses so refusing TX at this time..


anyone that' written a book
all I've read & will read
Accoustic Guitar/ National Geographic...well any mags
far side
any with at least some intelligent plot, which = few
Discovery, History, Deadliest Catch Antique roadshow Globetrekker
most I guess
all, except most rap
beatles, clapton, tom rush, Nickel Creek, Keb Mo, Bonnie Raitt..on & on
All New England!!!! or may the best team win...after
CapeAnn, Mass... Earth
seafood/ anything my sister cooks ever!