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It varies ( literally )
Dark Brown and Black
Naturally Multicolor but Brown for the most part
I'm Pretty damn sexy.....
Still over rated
Just a little bit of everything
They still stink
Life sucks Deal with it


Dan Brown, Silvia Brown, Stephen King, Anne Rice, And for a few Authors that are unknown
The Davinci Code, Vampire lestat, Knights of the Round Table
Popular Science, Popular Mechanic, Game Pro, EGM
I hate reading the newspaper, but there are select times, like when no ones dying(if there ever was a time).
Calvin&Hobbs, Peanuts, Garfield, Max, Spawn
Evil Dead Trilogy, Starwars Trilogy, Exorcist 1-3, The passion of Christ, The Omen, Bram Strokers Dracula, Band of Brothers, Animal House, Mr Bean
Medium Ghost Whisperer Ghost Hunters Deadliest Catch Dog Whisperer X files
Dont Have real Favorite Dont care to either
Metal, Rap, Classical Guitar, Classical, Goth
Marlyn Manson Tool Perfect Circle Mettalica Mega Death Korn, Type 0 Negative, Danny Elfman, U2, Slipknot, Filter, Deftones, Gorillaz, Bach, Bathoven, The List goes on and on....
Baseball Fan, Football Fan, Hockey Fan
Angels, Yankees, Raiders, Vikings, 49'rs, Kings, Mighty Ducks
Cresent Bay California, Tennessee Lakes
Anything Good