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United States
December 25
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
Small Business/Home Business
Those who yearn for government to balance wealth, so that they may also become prosperous are destined to a lifetime of disapointment.
Thomas Powell

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6.0 ft.
It was brown
Blue Jeans and a old shirt and farm boots
Southern Baptist
American, That's it, you are either an American or an imposter, with all the add ons like African, Native, Hey I was born here, I thought where you were born you were a native of that land and country.
You want to be called a Mexican American, go back to Mexico until you decide you want to be an American and speak English the language of business around the world, Spanish is not it is an ethnic language and is great for a second language. I am going to learn it again as a second language and so I can tell what the Mexicans are saying about me in Wal Mart laughing, LOL.
Conservative with a touch or Libertarian.
Boy - Girl
Widower, not seeing anyone at the moment.
Two as far as I know


The Frontiersman, The Bible, Edgar Allen Poe's Books, Papa Mapothers galloping polopponies
Robert Duvall, Bruce Willis, The Rock, James Earl Jones, Daniel Craig, Derek Jacobi, Patrick Stewart, Papa Mapother
Classical, Country, Folk, Easy Listening, Early Rock and Roll
Brandon Heath, Don Francisco, Dolly Parton, Suzy Boggus, Kingston Trio, Kansas, Queen, Waylon Jennings, Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, Johnny Cash. Statler Brothers, Oakridge Boys, The Browns and a host of others
Gatlinburg Tenn. The Southwest.